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What is a Jumbo bag?

Jumbo bag is an industrial container made of fabric that is designed by many companies and transporting products, such as sand, fertilizer, and many more!

It also can weigh up to 1 ton.

Different types

There are types of jumbo bags with different benefits.

Type A :

Type A is are made out of non conductive fabrics as static electricity happens when products move over or rub against the inside surface of the jumbo bag when they are either discharged or filled up.

However, It does not provide static protection so its best to use them for transporting non-flammable materials.

Type B :

Similarly, it is made out of non-conductive material as well.

Therefore, Type B also cant dissipate static electricity.

Type C :

Type C is made out of non-conductive fabrics interwoven with conducting threads, we connect those conducting threads to a designated ground during discharging or filling process.

It is highly recommended to use Type C bags if you are transporting flammable objects.

Type D :

Type D are specially designed to prevent occurrence of static and incendiary sparks without connecting to a designated ground during process.

It is the best type among with the other bags, you can safely transport flammable objects and worrying less for static occurrence.

Jumbo bags

How jumbo bags recycled

Like any other industrial plastics, the process begins with the proper collection.

It requires that the material is compacted into bales for easy collection and market value.

FIBC’s are collected in large quantities, so recycling is usually feasible only for businesses or ones that can store bags over time.

Where to purchase jumbo bag?

You can purchase it at any online web stores as well as any stores that is selling it.

Do purchase it at the right stores as well as any other stores, some can’t be trustable as jumbo bag can break easily.

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