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Excavator to Rent

U50 Excavator
  • Max. Bucket Breakout Force: 36.5kN (3,720kgf)
  • Max. Digging Depth: 3,560mm
  • Max. Digging Radius: 5,995mm
  • Max. Vertical Digging Depth: 2,890mm
  • KUBOTA Diesel Engine – superior horsepower and performance
  • Auxiliary Hydraulic System
U10 Excavator
  • Ultra-compact excavators
  • Spacious and comfortable design
    Best excavator for use in tight spaces
  • KUBOTA Diesel Engine – superior horsepower and performance
  • Very little noise and vibration which reduce operator’s fatigue
  • Fuel efficient
  • Maximum digging depth of 1,800mm and a maximum radius of 3,380mm
CAT 307E
  • Powerful digging combined with smooth control
  • Undercarriage – Excellent stability
  • Steel tracks, 450 mm
  • Grease lubricated track seals
  • Idler end track guiding guards
  • Dozer blade with float function
  • Blade, weld on cutting edge 2300 mm
  • Weight – 7100 kg
U30 Excavator
  • Powerful Jack-Up Performance
  • H-Shaped Track Roller
  • Four Simultaneous
  • Operation
  • Max. Bucket Breakout Force: 26.5kN (2,700kgf)
  • Max. Digging Depth: 2,880mm
  • Max. Digging Radius: 4,965mm
  • Max. Vertical Digging Depth: 2,305mm
  • KUBOTA Diesel Engine – superior horsepower and performance
  • Auxiliary Hydraulic System

Supplies to Purchase

Bag 1
  • Size: 85 * 85 * 75cm
  • 800 – 830g/pc
  • SWL: 800 kg
  • Volume: 541,875 cm³
  • Standard jumbo bag in Singapore Made from new material
  • Very durable
Bag 2
  • Size: 90 * 90 * 100cm
  • 1.1kg/pc
  • SWL: 1200 kg
  • Made from new material
  • Very durable
  • Stronger bag and bigger bag than the standard jumbo bag in Singapore

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Our operators undergo regular refresher courses to ensure they meet all your needs efficiently. 

Additionally, we have strategic partnerships with international suppliers, offering both rental and sales of reliable, powerful construction machinery. Contact us today for any inquiries!


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