What other types of jumbo bags besides the one used for construction.

What is important about the jumbo bags is that the workers need them to help in their work. An example would be to fill it with sand and dirt that they have collected. When digging it from the ground during excavation on the construction site.

We also have to allocate the jumbo bags to another location and we have to use transportation to move these jumbo bags.

This is the only way for them to dispose of the dirt and sand. Also to help construction workers to place, store or pack items when using the jumbo bags. But other than that do you know that there are other types of jumbo bags. There is indeed more than one type of jumbo bag. Their uses might be different from one another including what each of them can be used for compared to construction.

If you want to know how to use it. You can visit Bulk Corp International’s website as they provide information about the 5 types of jumbo bags.

Like I said before they explain its use to store, pack and transport sand and bulk items. Now moving forward to the 5 different bulk bags.

The first is standard Conductive FIBC bags. Which are useful to store non-flammable items including construction materials such as sand, gravel, and stone as well.

The second is Conductive FIBC bags. It can keep flammable objects safe to use in environments that have explosive gas, dust, and solvent.

The third is FIBC baffle bags/ Q-bags. The benefit of this bag is that it provides better shape retention, stack ability, protection from spillage, and space optimization.

The fourth is Uncertified FIBC bags which are created to carry heavy items for heavy-duty purposes.

Lastly Ventilated FIBC bags. They are breathable and strong, it is also resistant to moisture and mold. You can store and transport grain, seeds, and vegetables like onion and potato as well.

I hope that you understand the various types of jumbo bags and can decide which one to use to store and collect if you use them for days and work.

If you’re interested in getting a jumbo bag for construction. Go to Rockwell’s website as they offer jumbo bags for sale and are the best quality for storing materials.

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