Several other types of jumbo bags designed for various purposes exist beyond the standard ones used in construction.

Jumbo bags, crucial for aiding workers, are essential for tasks like collecting and transporting sand and dirt during excavation at construction sites.

Workers frequently relocate these bags using transportation for waste disposal and to facilitate the storage or packing of construction materials. Additionally,

Apart from construction, jumbo bags serve diverse roles. There are multiple types available, each uniquely tailored to varying needs compared to those typically used in construction.

For detailed usage insights, Bulk Corp International provides comprehensive information on their website regarding the five main types of jumbo bags. Additionally,

They explain how these bags can store, pack, and transport bulk items, such as sand. Let’s explore these five types:

  1. Standard Conductive FIBC Bags: Ideal for non-flammable items like sand, gravel, and stone.
  2. Conductive FIBC Bags: Safely stores flammable materials in environments with explosive gases and dust.
  3. FIBC Baffle Bags / Q-Bags: Designed for better shape retention, stackability, spill prevention, and space efficiency.
  4. Uncertified FIBC Bags: Specifically crafted for heavy-duty purposes to carry substantial loads.
  5. Ventilated FIBC Bags: Breathable and robust, resistant to moisture and mold, suitable for transporting grains, seeds, onions, and potatoes.

Understanding these various types is essential as it facilitates the selection of the right jumbo bag for storage and collection needs in daily work scenarios.

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Explore their offerings to find the best fit for your storage and transportation requirements today.

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