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Heavy Equipment Type: A Comprehensive Guide

Can you name me the types of heavy equipment used for construction?

By the way, do you know their purpose and function when using it? How can you know all of this if you didn’t read or look at it up close? However, before we explain the different types of heavy equipment, let’s first understand their importance.

Does anyone know why this is important to have one for construction? The real reason is that construction companies need extra support on the construction sight. They need to use this to reduce a lot of manpower when doing heavy duty. They also can do construction-related job purposes. Operators can use them for their work.

They have to be authorized, before proceeding to use it. But other than the importance of knowing their purpose and all. You still need to know about the various types of construction equipment and their function.

For those who aren’t able to know the difference between the different heavy equipment. I strongly suggest that you go to Top Mark Funding’s website. They have written down the 16 types of it.

They are listed as:

  1. Excavators
  2. Loaders
  3. Paving Machines
  4. Backhoes
  5. Bulldozers
  6. Dump trucks
  7. Trenchers
  8. Compactors
  9. Graders
  10. Telehandlers
  11. Backhoe loaders
  12. Town cranes

These are the 17 types of heavy equipment. They have provided information about them and their functions. They explained the various types of versions of the 17 types of heavy equipment stated above. For their website site, they even included YouTube videos for each of the 17 types of these construction equipment.

If you want to know all of them and know their functions and purposes. I suggest that you pick this one.

For those who want to rent an excavator, I recommend that you go to Rockwell’s website to rent. Here’s their website.

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