All about Jumbo bags

What is Jumbo bags?

Jumbo bags is a form of storage carrier that transports bulky items such as sand, cement and one point to another. Other common names are jumbo bag, bulk bag and FIBC bag.

Despite being lightweight, these storage carrier are high in strength, capable of carrying large capacity of products.

How jumbo bags recycled

Like with other industrial plastics, the recycling process begins with the proper collection. Recyclers require that the material is compacted into bales for easy collection and optimal market value.

FIBCs are collected in large amounts, so recycling is usually feasible only for businesses with a sizeable output, or ones that can store the bags over time.

Once collected, the mill-sized bales are taken to a reprocessing center, where they are sorted and cleaned.

As they are commonly used to transport a variety of materials, including fertilizers and chemicals, it is essential that bulk bags are thoroughly decontaminated before being recycled.

All zips and buttons are also removed.

Materials to use

It can transport of agriculture, food industry, building constructions, pharmaceuticals, and other products.

This means that it is able to load heavy items up to 1 ton.

However, without the bag the transportation needs many people to transport items.

With the bags that are able to operate by 2-3 people on site to load and one person to transport it is able to transport up to one ton of materials.

Easy transportation

Previously, businesses use dump trucks to deliver their bulk and flowable substances, without any proper storage system. Delivered products are dump or pile up on the ground without any cover.

Time saving

Transporting the materials from one location to another actual site to transport multiple time with the usage of jumbo bags.

Jumbo bags
Jumbo bags


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