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The reason to use a jumbo bag

They are being used for construction sites because of transporting wide materials. But the most important one for using is to save your money.

They are an ideal packaging option especially when you want to handle huge amounts of weight safely.

These are empty with a minimum air contamination and save storage space as they are able to be folded into a small space.

Materials to use

It can transport of agriculture, food industry, building constructions, pharmaceuticals, and other products.

This means that it is able to load heavy items up to 1 ton.

However, without the bag the transportation needs many people to transport items.

With the bags that are able to operate by 2-3 people on site to load and one person to transport it is able to transport up to one ton of materials.

Health and safety of  Jumbo bags

The older way of transporting materials such as sand, gravel or debris has a lot of hazards that are dangerous to breathe the workers in for the workers on site.

Jumbo bags offers the easiest way to transport, and the worker does not need to be staying with materials for a long time and this could save the workers cost their medicals bill.

The benefit also saves from buying additional personal protective equipment.


Transporting the materials from one location to another actual site to transport multiple time with the usage of jumbo bags.

Recyclable and reusable

A great benefit of these bags that they are commonly used material in these bags, polypropylene can be recycled into other plastic products.

Most bags can be recycled and there are some bags than can be reused.

Jumbo bags

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