Description of Cotton Gloves

Cotton gloves
Cotton gloves

Cotton Gloves are cheap and reliable in Singapore due to the natural material used for making it. The gloves have long last durability and protection for the hand from scratch.

The cotton glove has been demand and improves to meet the demand of user.

Such as protection, waterproof, cut resistance, keeping warm, each application has been using on different industry.

They cotton work gloves used in the construction industry are also called Cotton gloves.

Without changing its name, the cotton glove had a different type similar to durability but counted as GSM.

Types of GSM for cotton Gloves

If you are afraid of getting your hand dirty from doing picking job, you might consider using gloves which is below or under this GSM.

In addition, this will prevent yourself from getting a scratch by the carton.

Gloves itself has sufficient layer to protect you from getting hurt if you are handling with rough surface object like sands or wood log.

As time goes by, your hand might have a peel full skin which in turn would look more unpleasant and painful.

If you are responsible to help remove those plates from the coffee shop, we recommend you to use gloves under this GSM to protect your hand from getting dirty.

This can be used to cut off durian as the skin itself contains sharp object.

It would be good to use gloves when you are handling glasses to prevent it from slipping.

In addition, if there is sharp object at the glasses as it has a thicker layer to protect.


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