Cotton gloves

Our White Cotton Gloves works exceptionally well in both the professional industry and household cotton gloves. They prove usefulness in applications like inspections, examination, hygiene, polishing, photograph handling, cooking and food use.

Importance of a gloves

Our hand is our most important tool. However, our workplace can create many hazards for them. Unfortunately, one single glove does not provide protection for every type of work situation.

If the workplace has tasks that creates trouble for your hands, it is essential to protect them with the correct type of glove.

Uses of White Cotton Gloves

The White Cotton Gloves are suitable for numerous applications, especially those involving tactile handling. These applications include:

Types of Cotton Gloves?

String gloves are the most common type of cotton glove. These kinds of gloves are all-purpose, which means that they’re great in a pinch or for jobs which haven’t been fully defined. Look out for different gauge ratings, which refer to the number of stitches per inch and a higher number is generally indicative of a better quality glove.

These kinds of gloves have a dot-style pattern or other kind of textured coating which is added to enhance the wearer’s grip. The texture is usually present on both the palm and the fingers of the glove.

Made to be comfortable, jersey gloves are generally available in darker colors and are intended to be used in work that involves light abrasion. These are ideal for outdoor work that involves dirt, such as landscaping.


More Information

By using the right style of glove, not only will your hands be better protected, you’ll find that your dexterity is remarkably increased while working, and that means getting your job done faster and more efficiently.

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