Facts you need to know about PPVC Bags

What are PPVC bags?

PPVC bags, also known as a flexible intermediate bulk container (FIBC) is an industrial container made out of flexible fabric. They are mainly used to carry dry, grainy particles such as sand, soil and pounce of plastics. Moreover, PPVC bags (FIBC) are also able to be used as transportation of bulk food and pharmaceutical items. The range of PPVC bags market is split into regular bag, anti-static bag, conductive bag, dissipative bag and UN certified bag (UN bags are certified bags capable of carrying hazardous products.)

What are they made up of?

There are two types of materials that make the PPVC bags (FIBC). Polypropylene, which is petroleum based product and woven polypropylene which is made from extruded polypropylene resin pellets.

How much can a PPVC bag contain?

The standard PPVC bag (FIBC) ranges from 80cm – 90cm in height and 75cm – 85cm in width. The jumbo bags can hold to approximately 700kg-1000kg worth of product and hence are actually quite big and heavy.

How do you empty the PPVC bags?

There is a spout at the bottom which is usually attached to the PPVC bag (FIBC) known as a discharge spout. The spout is tucked inside the closure on the bottom of the bag to protect the spout and prevent any product from leaking out of the jumbo bag (FIBC) before its intended discharge.

Why should you use a PPVC bag?

Static electricity control

A person who uses the PPVC bags (FIBC) certainly does not have to worry about static electricity control. It when there is an imbalance of electric charges in certain materials. When PPVC bags (FIBC) are being filled up or discharged, the flow of fine powdered substances can lead to a static electricity build up. It is crucial to get rid the electric charge when it comes to the packaging and transporting of flammable materials. Hence, the right type of PPVC bag (FIBC) will avoid such problems.

Cost saving

PPVC bags are also good to save time and money on transportation of products. Thanks to its different lifting structures of the bag, secondary packaging is not required. Storing these bags are simple as an empty ppvc bag (FIBC) takes up very little space.

Used as a marketing ad

Companies are able to print their own labels on the bag and use them as mobile billboards. These bags have more than enough space to put on essential information on its company.

Minimize waste flow

PPVC bags relatively easy to recycle and are able to generate rebates under right conditions.

Is it possible to have them custom made?

It can be customized to your manufacturing process to that of your liking.

What types of PPVC bags are there?

PPVC bags (FIBC) come in many shapes with different types of sleeves on them. Each type of sleeves caters to the several lifting options for the jumbo bags. The types of jumbo bags are as follow:

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