Benefits of Using Jumbo Bags

What are Jumbo Bags?

Jumbo bags are industrial bags which are made of woven polypropylene. They are used for storing and transporting flowable materials such as powders. Jumbo bags can be conveniently filled through the top of the bag and easily discharged through the bottom.


Jumbo bags are typically used for transporting and storing large quantities of products with safe working loads ranging from 2,000 lbs to 5,000 lbs. Also, jumbo bags can be made in different sizes with a wide range of discharging and filling options, so you can customize your own jumbo bags based on your specific needs. There are mainly four types of jumbo bags, type A jumbo bags, type B jumbo bags, type C jumbo bags and type D jumbo bags.


Jumbo bag is a clean and safe option. Jumbo bags are made from polypropylene which can be reused and recycled. Additionally, jumbo bags are easy to ship and stack. You can fold them after use for efficiency.


Benefits of Using Jumbo Bag


(1) Jumbo bag help you save storage space


(2)Jumbo bag help you save money


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