Jumbo Bags

Jumbo Bags, which can also be refer as flexible intermediate bulk container (FIBC), bulk bag or big bag are industrial-grade containers that are usually seen in construction settings.

They are compose with flexible fabric to store or transport products such as:

As well as construction materials such as:

Jumbo Bags are specially design to store and transport dry and flow-able products, such as the ones that we list above.

The material used to produce FIBC are often coarse woven polyethylene or polypropylene. Jumbo Bags are made 114 to 122 centimeter in length and in between 100 to 200 centimeter in height.

A typical Bulk Bag, as its name suggests, can contain up to 1,000 kilograms of products and larger ones can store even more.

Some of the FIBC possess electrostatic properties and is categorized into four types.

Jumbo bags
One ton bags

Since the 1940s, bulk bags has been in use for multiple packaging purposes. Jumbo bag has also been use to build temporary walls during the 2011 Thailand floods.

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