What is Jumbo bags?

Jumbo bags Singapore have gained great prominence in years when transporting items.

They are only used for carry dry materials such as sands, gravel, dirt and many more. Moreover, Jumbo bags can transport bulk food and heavy items. Likewise as FIBC’s are often made up of thick polythene, even coated or uncoated.

A bulk bag designed to transport one metric ton of material.

Why you should use?

If a person who uses a jumbo bags certainly does not have to worry about static electricity control. When there is an imbalance of electric charges in certain materials.

When the bags are filled up or discharged, the flow of finely powdered substances can lead to static electricity build up.

Hence, the right type of jumbo bag will avoid such problems.

It generates occurs due to the process of contact and separation which takes place between individual powder particles and the conveying equipment upstream of the bulk bag.

While during filling and between the powder particles and the internal surfaces of the bulk bag, during emptying.

The types of discharges that may occur due to the buildup of electrostatic charge on the bulk bag include:

Similarly, it discharges could have 1000 – 2000mJ of energy and can readily ignite, gas and dust cloud.

Jumbo bags


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