Cotton Glove Supplier in Singapore has been one of the essential equipment for the construction industry. Many companies have been using it.

Been a cotton gloves supplier the most crucial thing is reputations and wearing gloves.

We have been in the industry for years, and we also do projects for the houses that the equipment we use our unit.

As a cotton gloves supplier, we provide the best quality to the clients, and the price of the product is reasonable to the quality.

Cotton Gloves

Cotton gloves can use in daily usages such as moving of heavy objects and cleaning; the cotton gloves could also protect your hand from being scratch.

The cotton gloves that we are selling as a cotton gloves supplier are for construction workers and electrical contractor to maximise the usage of the cotton glove.

Example of using a pair of cotton gloves.

Giving a pair of cotton gloves to a family it would take years to get the glove spoiled.

Rather than providing a pair to a construction worker it will talk a few months or weeks to get spoil quickly.

This is because of different work that both of the examples do.

Glove Materials

Leather is a natural material and adapts to the surrounding temperature and environment. There are different kinds of leather and these different leathers has different benefits depending on the animal and its origin and conditions.

Synthetic leather can have the same look as natural leather and, partly, the same properties.

PVC is a plastic. Gloves in PVC has good durability and a good grip in both dry and wet environments.

It protects well against several water soluble chemicals but has a limited protection against organic solvents.

Latex is natural rubber. It has very high elasticity, high durability and very good dry and wet grip.

The resistance against alcohol and water soluble chemicals is high. Latex contains a natural protein which can cause allergic reactions for sensitive persons during both production and use.

Cotton gloves supplier
Cotton gloves supplier


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