How Jumbo Bags Helps

Jumbo Bags was being made to reduce the workforce of moving the materials is flowable. The jumbo bags to carry up to one ton hence it also called one-ton bags and also called bulk bags.

The jumbo bags was improved from sandbags, because of the durability and size of sandbags was limited to the design.

The sandbags use for filling flowable sands, gravels and other materials can only carry up to 50kg. Hence the jumbo bag was invented to carry more loads and weight up to 1.25 ton. The jumbo bags are main to transport flowable materials in a triangle shape, the hard plastic materials that made the jumbo bag is sharpness proof. This protects the workers from injuries that may cause by moving of materials.

Contractors in Singapore

The contractor in Singapore uses the jumbo bag to carry out heavy materials from the site, and the contractor needs a large amount of bags. As a supplier of jumbo bags in Singapore Rockwell provides high quality and a large amount of jumbo bag for the customer, without getting the price of the bags high for the quality Rockwell is providing reasonable price. Contractor choose the best price with quality and quantity from the suppliers.

Supplier in Singapore

Rockwell we are a supplier in Singapore provide the quality for customers, we keep the one-ton bags in a good and dry environment in the storeroom. Providing the best storage and top quality jumbo bags within a specified period, manage to be the first to be supplied to our customer. we also provide cotton gloves and excavator rentals with operators.


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jumbo bag Singapore


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