Renting Excavator in Singapore

Rockwell provides rentals for the excavators in Singapore with professional operators. Rockwell is also a supplier for jumbo bags, cotton gloves with reasonable pricing that has good quality maintenance in the storage area. Most of the contractor in Singapore rent excavator due to the high amount of first payments, without the professional operators the contractor needs to send their worker to learn for more than three months.

Renting the excavator in Singapore is not Commonly seen as investing in buying new excavators is expensive and for contractors, they need that heavy duty equipment to help them for their projects. Contractors are the mostly small company, and in one project there could be multiple contractors doing the same project without equipment and human resources, hence most of the contractors rent for stuff before the project starts by having trusted rental company without giving faulty equipment.

Rockwell is providing the different type of excavators for the job you need for the project and providing highly trained operators.

How does different excavator works

Crawler Excavator – Crawler purpose for mining and other heavy duty to lift heavy soil using mechanisms power, is the best alternative to grading or landscaping.

Backhoe Excavator – Backhoe the most commonly used because of widely applicable in different areas, extracting soil in mining or construction site.

Suction Excavator – Suction ables to vacuum away the loose soils with the use of sharp edges of the pipe.

Dragline Excavator – Dragline is more significant in size compared to the others, use on construction sites, due to the heavyweight of the excavator they are mostly transported to location and assembled on the site.


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