Excavators have been used in the construction industry for the essential part also known as building the base foundation for the site.

The machine is used for digging, clearing and filling in the construction site. Was build in the 1900s to improve the way of building a house with lesser workers. The structure of the machine well made with steel because of the heavy duty that the machine is doing, with the improvement of technology the excavators evolve and build for a specific use or location.

With the help of current technology, excavators have different types and sizes. The amount of time to build an excavator has reduced to a shorter duration with the help with advanced machinery.

In Singapore, the excavator is mainly rental from large contractors to build construction projects.

Size of excavators

The smallest size of the excavator is weight from 1 ton to 5 ton. Use for small sites, house site and road site construction works because of the limitation of spaces on site and the amount of noise made is less.

The median size of the excavator is weight from 6 ton to 10 ton, are mainly used for construction sites and the broad area of reconstruction.

With the help of the different type of machine, the excavator can use on the various job with less manpower allocation for that construction site.

The large size of the excavator is weight from more than 10 ton, that is mainly used in the excavations of the large surface area such as digging oil, diamonds and other industrial materials.

The Different type of excavators

Excavator has improved to use on different such as land and rivers.

Excavators are mostly used for the digging of soils and for loading dump trucks.

Crawler excavator runs on the chain wheel system. this type of excavators is mainly used in hilly areas. With the low ground pressure of spreading of load on areas, it is also used on weak soils

Wheel excavator is designed to load and dump materials from the excavation ground. Due to the low grip wheels is not suitable for hilly areas


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