What is Jumbo bag?

Jumbo bags is a flexible intermediate bulk container or bulk bag made of fabric that is design for storing and transporting dry and loose products. It is very durable and long lasting and can be re-used multiple times.

What is the purpose of the bag?

The purpose of jumbo bag is to support the modern industry and to provide efficient way of packing, handling, storage and transport of heavy, and very fine materials in bulk quantities such as cement, sand, seed, etc. These bags are manufactured so as to keep up with the industry standard using the best quality threads.

Types of  bag

  1. Woven jumbo bag
  2. One ton jumbo bag
  3. Box bag

What are type A B C and D Jumbo bags?

Type A jumbo bags are made of non-conductive fabrics. Static electricity happens when products moves or rub against the surfaces of the jumbo bag when they are discharged or filled up. Type A can’t provide static protection, so we can only use them to transport non-flammable products.

Type B jumbo bags are similar to Type A, they are made of non-conductive material as well. Therefore, Type B jumbo bags can’t dissipate static electricity.

Type C jumbo bags are made from non-conductive fabrics interwoven with conducting threads. We have to connect these conducting threads to a designated ground during discharging and filling process. Type C jumbo bags is safe to transport flammable products.

Type D jumbo bags are specially designed to safely prevent the occurrence of static electricity and incendiary sparks without connecting to a designated ground during discharging and filling process. We can use type D jumbo bags to safely transport flammable products as well.

More about it!

These bags are available in three structural styles such as the single, double and four loops with different type of constructions of the filling and discharging spouts polypropylene, and are low cost packaging with regards to the filling capacities, easy handling and stackable.


Jumbo Bag
Jumbo Bag

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