What are FIBC Bags?

Although flexible intermediate bulk container (FIBC bags) is the official name for these products, you should know them as jumbo bags. They are containers which meet industrial standards specialize for storage and transportation of certain materials. Some of these materials are dry and grainy particles such as soil, sand and plastics. One other common usage of jumbo bags are for the transportation of medicines and food.

When it comes to manufacturing of FIBC bags, there are 2 different materials. First of which is the petroleum-based polypropylene, and the second of which, woven polypropylene.

You should already know this but there are different types of jumbo bags and you would have to select which to use according to its purpose. There are the regular, anti-static, conductive, dissipative and the UN-certified bag.

UN-certified bags are certified bags that are primary for storing hazardous materials or items.

How much can they carry and how to dispose them?

The average FIBC bag is about 0.8 metres to 0.9 metres when you measure vertically and about 0.75 metres to 0.85 metres horizontally. Bags with these dimensions can carry up to roughly 700kg to 1000kg of products.

Underneath the jumbo bags, there is a discharge spout that connects at the base for easy disposal. These spouts are tucked to prevent any leakage from any unintentional discharge.

Pros from using Jumbo Bags

Good Static Electricity Control

Statics may damage some products, hence, it is vital to remove any electrical charge during packaging and transportation. FIBC Bags are equipped to combat static generated from the imbalance of electrical charges in some materials. With this property, you can store and transport your materials without worries.


Using jumbo bags are cost-efficient as costs for secondary packaging is not needed. There are different lifting structures in the bag and thus, storing the bags are simple.

Marketing Purposes

The bags are large and have ample space to display labels or essential information. These bags can act as a form of marketing when done.


FIBC Bags Rockwell
FIBC Bags Rockwell

Rockwell Engineering & Equipment Pte. Ltd. is a company that specializes in excavator rental services and provision of FIBC bags. If you require Jumbo bags, do feel free to contact us.

You may see more about our jumbo bags here.

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