Bulk Bags Singapore – usage and safety procedures

During the course of work, ie. construction work, bulk bags are frequently use for easy transportation. Workers should follow the proper standard procedures to ensure safe handling. Thus, this minimises any possible accidents from occurring within and outside of facilities. With the following guidelines, we hope to educate workers and achieve workplace safety in all bulk bags Singapore facilities.

Safety Guidelines when handling bulk bags

Before filling up bulk bags, workers should ensure that the bags are suitable and approved for the product/ substances. For instances, products like food, pharmaceutical or hazardous substances require special bulk bags that are of certain grade ie. Food grade. You may wish to check out our previous article to learn more about the different kind of bulk bags used for various industries.

In addition, the bulk bags need to be suitable for the filing and emptying environment. Factors to consider include the electrostatic concerns of bulk bags in flammable or explosive environments.

Before handling bulk bags, workers should ensure that the devices designed to handle bulk bags have safety latches. These devices include forklift tines and cranes hooks. They should be free of sharp edges, and any protruding edges needs to be rounded.

When filing or emptying bulk bags, workers should use all loops or sleeves provided to suspend the bags. When only one hook or sling is use to lift up the bulk bag, other lifting devices should be use to keep all loops vertical. This prevents lateral forces from damaging the bulk bags. When suspending a bulk bag, workers must keep clear and not place any part of their body under the bag.

Bulk bags are design to carry heavy weights up to a certain extend, hence it should not exceed the safe working load or rated capacity as specified by the supplier. Bulk bags needs to be fill evenly, stabilise and close properly before transporting out of the facility.

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