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Maximum Capacity

How many will you need to fill per week during the useful life of your next bulk bag filler?

With few exceptions.

Buying a more costly filler with higher capacity than you now need will be less costly than replacing a filler you outgrow.

Unless that filler can be retrofitted with performance enhancements at a later date.

Capacity requirements run the gamut, from one bag per week to 20 bags per hour.

Where your volume falls should, in part, influence your decision to specify a manual, semi-automated or fully automated machine.

Generally speaking, the more manual the filling operation, the more output is subject to variation.

Evaluate Safety

The potential for worker fatigue and injury can increase according to required output per shift, relative to the type of bulk bag equipment specified.

Consider that the connection points of a conventional filler are often beyond the reach of most operators.

Although when short bags are being filled.

But adding the height of a roller conveyor to the height of a bulk bag to the length of its bag loops puts the connection points for bulk bags above the floor.

Multi-function filling

If your plant fills drums, boxes or other containers as well as bulk bags.

Undercut the cost of separate equipment and reduce the amount of floor space required.

Positioning the swing-arm-mounted drum-filling chute under the fill head discharge port.

Match your materials

Filling capacity, accuracy and efficiency are often limited by the ability of equipment to feed material consistently and in sufficient volumes.

The ability to feed material depends on whether a material storage vessel can be located above the filler, and on the material’s flow characteristics.


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