Cotton glove are commonly used

The cotton glove is a common item, and are seen in all walks of life. It may be a surprise to some people that don’t use cotton gloves, but the main use of white cotton glove is actually used for the aesthetic purpose. Cotton gloves are not generally used for heavy tasks as they have different gsm that is the strength of the materials, people may overlook cotton glove for handling sensitive print or photographs. Since the material that made cotton glove does a great job of absorbing oils from hand and face, this prevents delicate of printer and photos from being smudged. The cotton gloves may be a lifesaver for extremely rare and valuable photographs from decades.


Cotton gloves are being used from the average consumer to professionals, consumer use gloves for things such as artworks, keeping hand warm or even mining. But the cotton gloves have the specific type of jobs that must use the cotton glove. The whiteness of the gloves display purity and respect and act as more of a symbol than a practical piece of clothing. Lastly, as known that the cotton gloves provide protection from common germs and contact germs, this makes the cotton glove a perfect for the cold season and flu season. The cotton gloves could give to those people that have low immune capabilities. The cotton gloves are also used for antiques or investigation due to unknown germs and more protection from unknown objects.

Thinking of buying a pair of cotton gloves in Singapore. The reason is above the most commonly used for multi-purpose, but there is more function to explore from using the glove for home purpose.

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