The Reason to consider using a jumbo bag

Jumbo bags are widely used on construction sites because of the ease of transporting flowable material. But the most important reason for using jumbo bags is to save money. Jumbo bags reduce cost in different ways hence find out the bonus benefit of the jumbo bag can save your money.

Jumbo bags are used to transport and unload the content of the sack. This means that the jumbo bag able to load heavy items up to 1 ton. The bags are made from sustainable materials, without the jumbo bag the transportation needs many people to transport flowable item and the labour cost will go higher. With the jumbo bags that are able to operate by 2-3 people on site to load and one person to transport it is able to transport up to one ton of flowable materials.

The older way of transporting flowable materials such as sand, gravel or debris has a lot of hazards that are potentially dangerous to breathe in for the workers on site. Jumbo bag offers the easier way to transport, and the worker does not need to be staying with materials for a long time and this could save the workers costly medicals bill. The benefit also saves from buying additional protective equipment.

Transporting the materials from one location to the actual site needs to transport multiple time but with the usage of jumbo bags, the contractors can be allocated less manpower on transporting.

The new jumbo bags in Singapore are reusable, Reducing environmental cost can develop the more positive reputation with the construction community, reducing cost is not just about the money.

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