What are white gloves?

White gloves are made from cotton fibre to protect the user from getting injured. The cotton glove could save the worker being cut or scratch.

The gloves that are mostly used on construction sites, many companies are using white cotton gloves it is required equipment in the industry.

Construction materials are harmful, and some equipment is sharp. Hence white glove provides some protection from the sharpness equipment and dirt.


Do gloves help?

The cotton gloves are a common item, those average joes use to handling artworks to mining. But the cotton gloves do help to perfect for the specific type of jobs.

White gloves are used in daily life, for example, carrying of a heavy object and inspection, also cotton gloves may also handle sensitive print or printing the old photographs.

Cotton glove material is well made of absorbing natural oils from the skin. The cotton gloves may also use in investigation line due to evidence protection, this prevents sensitive equipment being damaged.

Finally, the gloves may also keep warm during cold season for the low immunity users.



Considering of Buying

If you thought of buying yourself a pair of cotton gloves in Singapore. The multi-purpose gloves are used on above the reasons, but there are more useful than what you thought would be.

white gloves
white gloves

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