Importance of cotton gloves

cotton gloves
cotton glove

Cotton gloves are used in the old era and they are normally used for special occasion like open car doors for VIP to prevent the car door from being damaged. While it might be weird or suspicious to see someone who are wearing cotton gloves in normal occasion, it is like they have done something like stealing, murdering, etc to get away from the crime without leaving any mark behind on the scene. But not to be afraid as someone will be using cotton glove to protect themselves from getting skin infection, worsen their eczema, or to leave dirt on their hand to either prevent themselves from getting food poisoning or some other factors. Be aware to wash your cotton gloves everyday or after using, to kill away the bacteria from growing.

How can it help?

They can also help forensic inspector to find out and inspect those mark which leave by those criminal for further investigation and to produce a valid and accuracy proof for the court to judge the crime for justice without mixing the mark for misunderstanding.


To clean and remove dust from clothes for special occasions uses without getting embarrassed from wearing a dusty clothes, it would be a good recommendation as the dust will stick with the cotton which can be hardly seen.

Although there are a lot of pros from wearing themcotton gloves, but it will also have disadvantages with many possible factors.


Cotton gloves are not suitable to wear when you are going to swim or it is a rainy day as it will get wet easily and you will feel irritated as the weight increase and it will have a sticky sensation, eczema user will have to take off and change to other type of suitable gloves which could be inconvenience for them.

In Conclusion, they are good or/and important to use in any scenario but there are times where cotton gloves should not or not suitable to be used.


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