Introduction to cotton gloves

Cotton gloves are used for performing quality inspections from valeting to handling of materials. There are 6 types of cotton gloves which ideally suited for different scenarios.

Cotton gloves

What exactly is a cotton glove?

The 6 types of cotton gloves are

  1. String gloves – Common type of gloves found in the market
  2. Dotted or coated gloves – A textured coating added to the glove to enhance the wearer’s grip
  3. Jersey gloves – They are intended to be used in work that involves light abrasion
  4. Chore gloves – Having a cotton shell around them which makes them more robust for light-duty style application
  5. Hotmill gloves – Involved in moderate heat exposure over an extended period of time
  6. Terry gloves – Available in most hardware stores and can provide the wearer a small degree of heat and abrasion resistance

What is a cotton glove made of?

They are made of yarn or a fabric that uses textile mills to process raw cotton. They can be either knitted or cut and sewed.

How can it help us?

It can help prevent deeper wound /cut injuries especially in construction sites or places that require more grip. With cotton gloves, wearers are less likely to get blisters on their hands which can take days to heal.

Is it a must to get?

Not necessary. Only get them if you are working under the 6 types of industry that requires to move materials from places to places / expose to heat.

Where to buy cotton gloves?

You can buy standard gloves on websites like Amazon, Shopee Taobao. But please do note that the material made for the gloves may defer. Therefore buy at your own risk. If not please get them at a trusted website or company.

Able to buy cotton gloves in bulk/individual

Most companies are mainly using them therefore these gloves are often sold in bulks. Some may sell it individually but it is harder to find as there are limited stocks available.


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