What are bulk bags?

Bulk bags, as known as jumbo bags, one ton bags, cement bags, container bags, PPVC bags, bulk container bags, big bags, mesh bags, mail bags, FIBC bags, are specially designed bags for shipping or transportation of flowable and dry products. These bags are durable, so you don’t need to worry about quality issues even in the toughest environment. Bulk bags are made from woven polypropylene fabric, so they are safe and environment-friendly.


What are type A B C and D bulk bags?

Type A bulk bags are made of non-conductive fabrics. Static electricity happens when products move over or rub against the inside surface of the bulk bag. When they are discharged or fill up in the bulk bag. Bulk bags type A can’t provide static protection, so we can only use them to transport non-flammable products.


Type B bulk bags are similar to Type A bulk bags and made of non-conductive material. Therefore, Type B bulk bags can’t dissipate static electricity. Don’t use type B bulk bags when flammable elements are present around the bulk bag.


Type C bulk bags are produced from non-conductive fabrics interwoven. We have to connect these conducting threads to a designated ground during discharging and filling process. We can use type C bulk bags to transport flammable products.


Type D bulk bags were specially designed to safely prevent the occurrence of static electricity and incendiary sparks. Without connecting to a designated ground during discharging and filling process. We can use type D bulk bags to transport flammable products as well safely.


What are types of bulk bag construction?


Bulk bag construction means the way the sheets of woven polypropylene are stitched together. There are three different construction types, and these types can have a significant impact on the specific industry applications and safe working load.


U-panel bulk bag is the most common one in the industry. It has three body panels, one forming the bottom and two sides, while two other panels form the different two sides. This construction allows U-Panel bulk bags offer high safe working loads and excellent durability.


Circular bags are constructed with a single piece of fabric which forms all sides. Although the material is tubular, this type of bulk bag will still resemble a square bag when filled.


Four-panel bulk bags is made with four individual pieces stitched together to form a square shape. Generally, four-panel bulk bags hold their shape better than U-panel bulk bags, and U-panel bulk bags hold their shape better than circular bulk bags. One disadvantage of four-panel bulk bags is that it requires much stitching to make the bulk bag.



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