Suppliers of 1 Ton Bag

One ton bag is commonly found on construction sites and farms, the usage of the one ton bags are carrying heavy and movable materials.

In Singapore, the suppliers of one ton bag are mostly imported from China, Vietnam and India. The price of getting from the manufacturer of one ton bags are cheaper than getting from the USA, selling in Singapore for the suppliers are expensive because of tax and other expenses.

The cheaper version of one ton bags cannot substance the actual full weight of one ton bag, Because of the materials used for making the bag the one ton bags are made from strong polypropylene and the durability of the bag will be longer. The cheap one ton bags are made from similar materials of polypropylene the materials could sustain at least one ton but it could not last for a long time.

The even with the cheaper version compare the standard price bags, the standard price is near to the cheaper version but some contractor prefers cheaper bags.

As a supplier in Singapore Rockwell has been a great supplier of the cotton gloves and jumbo bags with affordable pricing.

What is one ton bag all about?

One ton bag is used for carrying flowable industry products up to 1000kgs of product, this allows the contractors to carry using the bag with a forklift or bobcat.

The one ton bags are made to carry products, the invention helps the farmers to carry seeds and other flowable products without buying the large farming machine to carry away the products.

With the usage of one ton bags from the farm industry, the different industry like construction and other tend to use it as a carrier for moving out the small fragment of wastes.

There is also a recycle way to make a one ton bag is to use a bulk bag. One ton bags are also can be made from bulk bags, the used bulk bags are able to recycle and used as one ton bags and having an extra toughness than the one ton bag. The recycled bag doesn’t tear easily and able to hold up to 2,000lbs the materials the bag is breathable and impermeable to liquids.


one ton bag
one ton bag

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