There are a lot of great reasons to consider using a jumbo bag including their durability, wide range of uses, and ease of transport. But one of the main reasons to start using jumbo bags is the savings you can benefit from! Jumbo bags reduce costs in a few different ways, so read on to find out how a jumbo bag can save you money.

  1. Health & safety issues:
    There are a lot of hazards that come with managing products such as sand, gravel, or debris. Older ways of transportation and delivery such as the ‘rip and tip’ method can be difficult to control and also potentially dangerous to workers on the scene. Jumbo bags offer a much easier way to transport goods, and this can not only save you and your workers costly medical bills, but it can save the costs of additional protective or safety equipment too. Not only does this help your wallet, but your peace of mind too.  

  2. Material costs:
    It takes many people to load, transport, and unload the contents of a sack, and this can mean higher labour costs as well as higher material costs (for a large number of sacks). With a jumbo bag, on the other hand, the number of sacks is largely reduced, and the loading/unloading process is much smoother. This saves both material and labour costs, as well as time!  

  3. Environmental savings:
    The third type of cost that is reduced by using a jumbo bag in Singapore is the cost to the environment. By switching to reusable jumbo bags, you are reducing waste (and your trips to the dump!). Reducing environmental costs can have other impacts on your company such as developing a more positive reputation with the community, or even attracting grants or tax breaks.

Reducing costs is not just about money – and the savings you see when using a jumbo bag certainly proves that. Ready to reap the benefits of integrating jumbo bags into your next job? Contact us today.  

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