Cotton gloves are a common item, and are seen in all walks of life. From average joes to professionals, many people use cotton gloves for things such as handling artwork, keeping hands grime free, or even miming. But cotton gloves have a certain science behind them, and this makes them perfect for specific types of jobs. Take a look below at some of the main uses for cotton gloves.

It may come as a surprise to some people, but the main use for a white cotton glove is actually for ceremonial or aesthetic reasons. Cotton gloves are not generally used for sterile tasks as they are porous and soak up liquids, but they can be used under latex gloves to protect those that have an allergy. Most commonly, they are perfect for military ceremonies or other events. The whiteness of the gloves display purity and respect, and act as more of a symbol than a practical piece of clothing.

Another common use for cotton gloves that many people overlook is for handling sensitive print negatives or photographs. Since the cotton material does a great job of absorbing natural oils from the skin, this prevents delicate photographs or prints from being smudges or damaged. For extremely rare or valuable photographs from years ago, cotton gloves are a lifesaver.  

Finally, did you know that cotton gloves offer protection from common airborne germs and some contact germs? This makes them perfect during cold and flu season, especially for those with low immune capabilities. Cotton gloves are also used for this purpose in the antiques or investigative lines of work due to the unknown germs that could be present on unfamiliar objects.

If you never thought you would need a pair of cotton gloves in Singapore, maybe it is time to reconsider. The reasons above may be some of the most common uses for these multi purpose gloves, but there are certainly many more to explore. You would be surprised at what a cotton glove can do for you!

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