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Rockwell is Jumbo bag supplier that provide quality ensuring products to clients. Before selling the jumbo bags, we bring to the testing site for weight testing of the batch of bags. As a jumbo bag supplier in Singapore, the suppliers are selling jumbo bag at above market price/ average market price. Choosing the right supplier gives advantage and long-term relation.

By testing out the batch of bags from the manufacturer that we trust, we great confident to tell our client about safety while using our jumbo bags. Our client is satisfied with our quality control and pricing.

How to Test Quality?

To test a jumbo bag quality, after buying from the supplier you should bring it to the testing site. As the bag has limits such as 1 Ton, 2 Ton and 3 Tons, if you bought the 1 Ton bag please do not over test the weight. Over-testing it on your own may cause the thinking of our bag is not quality.

Jumbo bags are not just quality and also pricing that may keep the budget low to the client. Buying a reasonable price that has good quality jumbo bags.

Simple usage of Jumbo bags

Getting the right model for jumbo bags, there are many kinds of jumbo bag that have different usage. The most common jumbo bags have anti-static materials to prevent the electrical spark while releasing the flowable materials. To read more please refer to this.

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jumbo bag supplier
jumbo bag supplier



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