Cotton work gloves are also known as cotton gloves, work glove, and white cotton gloves. Even with the same meaning, the gloves are available to in general shop in daily life. Before buying a cotton glove you need to decide which type is suitable for your work.

To choose the best glove for your work, firstly which type of work you are doing such as carrying or managing heavy equipment. For those workers, a cotton work glove will do the job well.

There are the different type of cotton gloves in the market, each type has their own unique usage.

For example the 4 general categories of work gloves:

  1. Work gloves
  2. Coated Gloves
  3. Chemical resistant work gloves
  4. insulation rubber gloves

There are also the 4 gloves that commonly seen in daily life.

  1. Cotton Gloves

The cotton glove is the most popular and lightweight gloves that can protect against minor irritants. These gloves are designed for home use purpose, as the gloves are able to wash after dirty usage.

  1. Fabric Gloves

The typical glove that is most often used to improve grip or insulated hand from temperatures.

  1. Leather Gloves

The leather gloves are used to an insulated liner or keeping hand warm, they also protect against sparks and scrapes during usage.

  1. Mesh Gloves

Those gloves are work with sharp tools or objects. they could handle the cutting tools easily and the gloves protect users from cutting and abrasions. Known as cut-resistant gloves.


cotton glove
cotton glove

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