Have you ever thought why contractors rent excavators?

For those contractors to reduce the cost for a long-term period, most of them using the method of renting. Renting such as excavators and transportation vehicles could cut a large amount of cost. Buying an excavator will cost a large upfront payment. And quite a number of contractor cant maintain the equipment due to expensive maintenance cost.

There is some company that own excavators use to rent out to other contractors in a short period of time, the excavators are mostly used to clear foundation and other etc before building the house.

Buying Excavators in Singapore are expensive with high maintenance cost, that also needs to be operated by a trained professional. Training a professional operator needs money and time before they could be on the field. This may also be costly for certain companies, the owner would rental both the machine and manpower.

What are the Pros of owning excavators?

Owning excavators for rental could profit for the long term, but it may cost a large amount of upfront before starting the business. They also offer the professional operator to those contractors that do not have trained workers. For those excavators needs to be maintained and cleaned after using needs manpower to do it, but if the machine is damaged it needs time to transport to manufacture for repair. This will cost the owner a sum of money for sending for repair, hence the machine must be well managed.


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