Trick when using a cotton glove

The usage on wearing a cotton glove is to protect the hand from getting injured, but some special case people using it to keep warm. The cotton glove is mostly used on construction site or wood cutting. Having high GSM “The thickness” the glove could protect from a minor sharp object and heated object.

Why high GSM gloves do not suitable for all users, high gsm glove could stand heavy tearing. The higher the GSM it would be expensive, do note that which type of work you doing. Choose the right glove do not over buy the glove for normal usage.

For example, home usage, prefer you buy normal cotton work gloves. The gloves provide basic protection and are easy to clean up after using, and able last for a 4-5 year for normal usage.

The second example will be a construction site, workers use the glove to protect their hand while carrying heavy materials. Normally the glove on-site changes weekly due to high usage.

As a supplier for the cotton glove, Rockwell provides the great quality glove that is well maintained. We also do a quotation for jumbo bags and excavator rentals with professional operators.

cotton glove
cotton glove

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