Cotton gloves

Cotton gloves are a common item that is seen in all walks of life. From average joes to professionals, many people use them for handling items such as artwork, keeping hands grime-free, or even miming. But they have a certain science behind them, and this makes them perfect for specific types of jobs. Take a look below at some of the main uses for cotton gloves.

If your fingertips aren’t affected by hand eczema, you can cut the tip of the gloves off to stay cooler in hot weather. For wet work, put on your gloves and then cover them with unlined powder-free vinyl or neoprene gloves.

We Can Purchase Cotton Gloves from any online stores or any clinics as these gloves are good for eczema patients and it protects our hand from abrasions.

General duty work Moderate resistance to
heat and cold
May need to be thicker to
offer full protection

If u have eczema we recommend you wearing these gloves as it fully protects your skin and prevents it from eczema.

Cotton Gloves for Heat Resistance

Cotton is an insulating fiber that has excellent resistance to heat degradation. It begins to turn yellow after several hours at 250°F (120°C) and will noticeably degrade at temperatures around 450°F (232°C).

About the product
  • FITTED DESIGN with separately sewn thumb for the most comfortable fit for your hands
  • PREMIUM 190g/m2 soft cotton prevents irritation in even the most sensitive skin
  • WRISTBAND made from supportive elastic is stitched in for ultimate grip and movement prevention
  • PROTECTIVE thickness keeps out harmful elements while retaining applied moisturizer
  • DURABLE ambidextrous flex design allows for multiple washes and matching lost paircotton glove in singapore

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