Cotton gloves

There are many Cotton Glove suppliers in Singapore. They can range from cheap to expensive, depend on the types of gloves you are looking for. Do be mindful of when purchasing cotton gloves as some may not be 100% cotton or from the right supplier. Always ask and clarify the materials used to produce these gloves.

What do you need to know when getting cotton gloves?

As some cotton gloves cannot be washed, it will have a stench smell this is because it is not really made of real cotton. If you are someone who has eczema, I would suggest you not to get it from untrustable websites as it is not safe and proven by the doctor. These can cause your skin to get dry easily and get infected at any time.

Where to buy cotton gloves?

Purchasing from a trustable seller will never go wrong. It may be much more expensive compared to other untrustable websites but it prevents you especially those who have eczema to get infected.

You can still get the glove at any website, but do it at your own risk.

Other than that getting good cotton gloves is hard in the market due to the limited availability of stocks, it is harder to find them as many companies are buying them.

Always purchase your gloves from a trusted website/company. Also, they can also be recycled if you use them in the right way as long as u don’t dirty them,  it can last you for a very long time.


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