Cotton Glove in Singapore

Cotton glove singapore
Cotton gloves

What is Cotton Gloves mainly use for?

Cotton gloves is mainly used for protecting your hand and skin while carrying hard surfaces such as wood logs.

You can get them from almost everywhere be it in Singapore or Malaysia.

There are types of gloves with measurements known as Gram per Square Meter it is to identify the richness,heaviness and thickness to protect the hand.

300-400 Soft and thin

If you don’t want to get your hands dirty for digging dirt or prevent to get scratches.

Your hands this gloves is usually suggested as it takes very short time to dry and be used again.

400-600 Heavy and thick cotton gloves

The glove itself have sufficient layers to protect from getting hurt from scratches or cuts,

if you are carrying heavy objects like a heavy wood log or sandbags this glove is highly recommended but it takes a longer time to dry as it has many layers.

600-900 Thicker and Heavier cotton gloves

If you happen to work in a Durian store and you do not know what gloves to have it is highly recommended to get this thick and heavy kind of gloves as it can protect you from the spikes that the Durians have.

After that, you wont be able to feel much of the spikes or if you are handling glass it can protect you from cuts from glass.


In conclusion there may be many kind of gloves in the world but other sizes or thickness has its own benefits.

Every company produces cotton gloves in different qualities it may even be imported by other country.

Such but in Rockwell aims to provide the best cotton glove quality for your needs.

Ensure that you will receive the best and durable materials for a competitive prices.


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