How to carefully wash white cotton glove

It has been existed for around ten decades. In the past cotton gloves are used only in special events but now people used to wear to defend themselves from virus infection or dirt.

Cotton gloves would slowly stick with dirt or dust and without washing it, it could have quite a lot of dirt or dust on it, and even have a smelly smell. Not to worry, in this content you will gain a basic knowledge on how to properly wash without damaging your white cotton glove.

You are require to have

  1. White cotton gloves
  2. Washing liquid
  3. Bleach Liquid
  4. Washing Machine
  5. Toothbrush
  6. Spot Lifter

Let Begin Washing Our White Cotton Glove

Spot Dirt and Stain

Check the cotton glove have any dirt. Retrieve washing details from the tag. Rarely gloves are not made to be cleaned in a washing machine. To safely clean your gloves, it is recommended to clean by your hand with information stick on the gloves.

Apply Spot Lifter

Get ready to clean your gloves by putting spot lifter on dirt spot. Wipe the spot lifter into the stain using a small amount of spot lifter and a mini-toothbrush. Wait for a number of minutes but beware not to let it stay for more than 9 minutes.

Clean with Washing Machine

Make use of your washing machine to clean cotton gloves with sorted and suitable color. Clean white cotton glove in warm water. Clean white cotton glove with around 1 to 2 tablespoon of bleach liquid to whiten the cotton glove.

In case the cotton gloves are finest, use hand wash method by sinking cotton gloves with a mini portion of washing liquid. Rub and clean gently.

Dry your cotton glove

Dried-up the cotton glove base on the tag. It is recommended to lay your white cotton gloves at some flat.

Be Cautious

Beware that white cotton glove are sensitive to other colors and it will degrade the quality of the cotton gloves.

Be cautious that white cotton glove is not suitable to be dried with a drying machine as it may become smaller.

Be careful that do not apply bleach liquid directly to white gloves even though it is white color as it degrades the fabric and left unsightly gloves, always pour the bleaching liquid directly to the water.

White Cotton Gloves
White Cotton Gloves


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