Cotton gloves supplier
Cotton gloves supplier

Importance of a glove

The hand is one of our most important tools. However, the workplace can create many hazards for them. Thus, if workplace tasks creates a physical toll on your hands, it is essential to protect them with the right work gloves. Unfortunately, no single glove can provide appropriate protection for every work situation. Hence, it is crucial to assess and select a glove that provides the right protection for the job task assigned.

Situations where a cotton glove is preferred

At Rockwell, we recognized such problems and provide top quality cotton gloves for your construction needs. Some situations and activities where a cotton glove is preferred include:

1) Inspection

Cotton work gloves are often the top choice for inspection activities because they do not leave fingerprints. The material also absorbs oils and moisture, preventing contamination to parts in the process. They will also not cause scratches or damage to parts handled in the process due to its renowned abrasion-resistant attribute.

2) Dealing with electronics

It is also recommended when handling equipment that gives out electrostatic dissipation. This means that gloves with some levels of conductivity are needed to ensure that the surface doesn’t retain any charges.

Cotton as a material retain some level of moisture, which makes it slightly conductive. Hence, this makes it suitable for construction tasks that involves dealing with electronics.

3) Simple and basic tasks

They are also highly recommended for simple construction tasks such as warehouse work and material handling. This is because they are they are comfortable, while providing good dexterity and grip when carry out the tasks. In addition, the materials have good abrasion resistance, which makes it ideal for the above-mentioned tasks.


Cotton gloves is a great tool and personal protective equipment (PPE) that aids in basic day-to-day construction tasks. By equipping workers with them, it will be extremely helpful in providing protection to their hands when carrying out tasks assigned.

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