What about one ton bag?

Historically bulk bags were used in just a few industries (agriculture and mining in particular), and even then, they were employed in small numbers. Much of the early equipment to handle the bags was either poorly designed, home built, or not suited to the task. Due to infrequent use and small numbers, however, injuries were rare. When the equipment was pressed into greater service and operators were forced to handle more bags with these sub-par systems, the injury rates began to climb.

Ways that can cause injuries when handling one ton bag

Injuries caused by the use (or misuse) of bulk bags occur in four primary categories:

These bags can be used for Filling, Unloading, Lifting as well as storage and they weigh much more lighter then the jumbo bags jumbo bags can be recycled whereas these bags cant as it be torn easily. Many of the construction site will actually use this to carry sand only while for others they would use a jumbo bags instead of these bags .


Thus, for conveniences it brings, one should still always pay attention to the potential dangers in the handling process. Safety is essential and must not be underestimated. By following these simple guidelines, it will go a long way toward ensuring a safe and productive work environment. But these bags are hard to get sometimes as well as it is very limited. People buy these bags as they are very light as well as convinient to put the staff. Many construction sites hardly see them using this unless for light stuff many people then will use these bags. These bags can carry only for a light weight

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one ton bag
one ton bag

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