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The Most Trusted and Reliable Suppliers for FIBC Bags

FIBC bags, also known as Jumbo bags, are essential in various industries, especially construction, for storing and transporting bulk materials. Understanding what FIBC bags are and their applications can help you find the right supplier for your needs in Singapore.

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What Are FIBC Bags?

FIBC (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers) bags, commonly referred to as Jumbo bags, are large, durable containers made from woven polypropylene. These bags are designed to hold substantial amounts of materials like sand, dirt, and other bulk goods. Thus, making them indispensable in industries that require heavy-duty storage and transportation solutions.

Applications of FIBC Bags

The construction industry makes wide use of FIBC bags for several purposes:

  • Material Storage: Ideal for storing sand, gravel, and other construction materials.
  • Transport: Easy to move with forklifts or cranes, making them perfect for transporting materials around construction sites.
  • Versatility: Suitable for various environments, including harsh conditions.

Types of FIBC Bags

There are different types of FIBC bags, each designed for specific applications:

  • Type A: Standard bags without special electrostatic protection.
  • Type B: Bags with low breakdown voltage to prevent sparks.
  • Type C: Conductive bags that require grounding during use.
  • Type D: Anti-static bags that do not require grounding.

Finding the Right Supplier

To get high-quality FIBC bags, consider ADTEC ENTERPRISE Pte Ltd. This leading manufacturer and exporter of flexible industrial packaging products specializes in Jumbo bags and FIBC bags. ADTEC ENTERPRISE is known for providing top-quality bags at competitive prices. Thus, making them a reliable choice for construction companies needing durable and cost-effective solutions.


For companies looking for high-quality FIBC bags in Singapore, ADTEC ENTERPRISE Pte Ltd is an excellent choice. However, if you’re also in need of bulk bags and cotton gloves or excavator rentals with operators, Rockwell is your go-to provider. Our commitment to quality and comprehensive service ensures that we meet all your industrial needs efficiently and reliably. Visit our website to learn more.

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