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Excavator in Singapore

Owning an Excavator in Singapore

An excavator is usually cost not less than $80,000 in Singapore. Therefore, if you are a business entity in the construction industry, owning one can be very cost-inefficient. In the event where you HAVE to purchase one, you have to take the maintenance and servicing cost into account.

Excavators require a ton of maintenance and servicing and they cost a lot. Thus, every single time you send your own excavators for servicing, it will hurt your company’s bank account.

In addition, if you need additional buckets or attachments for the excavator, you would have to fork out another few thousands. Every single bucket or attachments can cost up to $10,000.

Excavator Rental in Singapore

Instead of spending a huge sum to own your own, rent one from Rockwell Engineering & Equipment Pte. Ltd. This is much more cost-efficient as you would only need to pay for the period you will be using it.

Rockwell Excavator Singapore
Rockwell Excavator Singapore

You do not have to worry all about the unnecessary costs such as maintenance and services mentioned previously. With that in mind, you can focus your company’s budgets and expenditures on other areas of your project, amplifying the productivity of other areas.

Our excavators go for regular maintenance and servicing to ensure you get the best for what you pay for. With that, you can see a smooth-sailing for your project(s).

We have a diversity of excavator for your pick. If you are unsure which to use for your project, our friendly consultants are ready to assist. They have accumulated over 100 hours worth of experiences and is definitely qualified to assist you.

To view the available excavators, you may visit here.

Alternatively, if you are unsure of which excavator to use for your projects, you may contact us here.

Our consultants will advise you accordingly to what you require.

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