Where to buy cotton gloves in Singapore?

Cotton Gloves can be bought at any websites like taobao and many more other stores in singapore.

Where to we buy like to buy them n singapore.

  1. Horme Hardware Pte Ltd
  2. Amazon
  3. SKP

If you do not know, they come in handy for those who are suffering from eczemas. Not only that, it can prevent the workers to get blisters or cuts when handling rough items. Fun fact, there are 6 types of gloves and cotton gloves are one of them

What you need to know when buying cotton gloves?

When u purchase them make sure u purchase from the right store as well as those stores which sells 100% cotton as some of the companies buy are not from a trusted companies as the scam other companies which are not true. That is why some of the workers suffering from skin allergy and eczema would be affected even though they wear gloves. We do suggest you to buy at a trustable website.


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cotton glove in singapore
cotton glove in singapore

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