Usability of jumbo bags

Jumbo Bag is commonly found in the construction site. Most of the company choose to use jumbo bags because of the reliable materials. The jumbo bag is safe and can weight up to 1 ton. Using the common method of loading flowable materials from the site, the jumbo bag is cut proof. Jumbo bags are used in transporting materials because of the reliability and durability of the jumbo bag.

Why you should use jumbo bags

The types of jumbo bags

Type A jumbo bags are made of non-conductive fabrics. Static electricity happens when products move over or rub against the inside surface of the jumbo bag when they are discharged or filled up.  Jumbo bags type A can’t provide static protection, so we can only use them to transport non-flammable products.

Type B jumbo bags are similar to Type A jumbo bags, they are made of non-conductive material as well. Therefore, Type B jumbo bags can’t dissipate static electricity. Don’t use type B jumbo bags when flammable elements are present around the jumbo bag.

Type C jumbo bags are made from non-conductive fabrics interwoven with conducting threads. We have to connect these conducting threads to a designated ground during discharging and filling process. We can use type C jumbo bags to transport flammable products.

Type D jumbo bags are specially designed to safely prevent the occurrence of static electricity and incendiary sparks without connecting to a designated ground during discharging and filling process. We can use type D jumbo bags to safely transport flammable products as well.


The reason for using jumbo bags

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jumbo bag singapore

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