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Jumbo Bag Supplier in S’pore

Looking for a Jumbo Bag Supplier?

Are you sourcing for a jumbo bag supplier in Singapore for your company’s project? At Rockwell Engineering & Equipment Pte. Ltd, we provide the exact FIBC you may need. Our jumbo bags are inexpensive and are of great quality. We have been a jumbo bag supplier for multiple years and is confident in the bags we provide.

We will be creating a guide to share the correct way to maintain the quality of our jumbo bag. Without proper maintenance, the jumbo bag may deteriorate.

Jumbo Bag Suppler: What is a Jumbo Bag?

Jumbo bags are industrial-grade containers for materials storage. You may have also heard of them as Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container (FIBC) or bulk bags. As its name suggests, they are large and is capable of storing an enormous amount of materials in favourable conditions. They can contain up to 4000 pounds in weight. A good indicator to follow is to keep a package-to-product heaviness ratio at around 5 to 7 pounds per metric ton.

Jumbo Bag Supplier Tips: The proper way to store jumbo bags

Regardless of the life of your bulk bag, it is advisable to store them in proper conditions and locations to maintain its superior quality.

No matter you choose to buy a new or second-hand bulk bag, it is best to place at the proper storing area to maintain its finest quality.

A good jumbo bag supplier will advise you 2 things. Avoid exposing your jumbo bags to UV Rays and Unfavorable Weather.

Although our bulk bags consists of durable polypropylene, long and constant exposure to UV rays may affect the quality of the fabrics. Try to avoid exposing the bags under the sun whenever you can. Unfavourable weather such as rain, snow and storms may affect the quality of the jumbo bags.

In addition, ensure that the jumbo bags are in an area away from moisture as moisture may deteriorate the quality of the bag.

Therefore, to maximize the longevity of FIBCs/Bulk Bags, stay away from the above factors.


Jumbo Bag Supplier Rockwell
Jumbo Bag Supplier Rockwell

Why us?

We have garnered many years of experiences as a jumbo bag supplier based in Singapore. Other than supplying jumbo bags, we also possess excavator rental services for constructions for constructors. We are constantly aware of the industry standard as we work with people from the industries on a daily basis.

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