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Rockwell is a reputable jumbo bag supplier based in Singapore whose services includes excavator rental, sale of woven gloves aside from supplying jumbo bag.

Jumbo Bag, also commonly known as Bulk Bags or FIBC, is a industrial-grade containers that has multiple purposes.

These purposes includes storing & transporting of:

A few advantages storing such materials in FIBC includes protection from moisture and pest in addition to requiring low maintenance and effective utilization of space.

As a jumbo bag supplier, we ensure that our bags are kept in a safe and dry environment. This is to maintain the conditions and quality of the bag to provide you the best storing experience. Storing in a suitable place also enhances the durability and lifetime of the bags.

We provide jumbo bags at very reasonable prices yet durable, in order to maintain as a reputable jumbo bag supplier. With this intention, clients can purchase top-quality, and safe FIBC that would reduce costs for them.

Our promises

We assure that goods will be delivered to our customers on time and that our bags are manufactured in strict-supervision, adhering to industry’s standards. Our manufacturers produce these bags in well-maintained factories and equipment.

The types of FIBC

There are 4 types of jumbo bags and different types have different usage purposes. One of which contains anti-static properties and therefore, choose which type do you require before purchase.

You may learn more about the types of FIBC here.


If you have any ongoing projects or if your industry requires jumbo bags, you may consider our bags.

The specifications and types of the bags are available in detail on our website and you may click here to view.

Feel free to contact us if you require any assistance or for any inquiry you may have.


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