Do you know what is PPVC bags? and where to get PPVC bags?

Why do people have to come up with a name like that and use it as a term? What is the purpose of this bag? Is it different from the Jumbo bags that we have used for construction purposes?

You’re wrong as PPVC bags are another meaning to describe Jumbo bags in another word. It can help to store, collect and transport heavy-duty products, including sand, dirt and gravel at a construction site when doing construction work.

You also need to have strong quality as well if you do want it to have wear and tear when storing your items inside it before you transport them out of the site. But unfortunately for you, do you know where to buy one from a factory or website? This will be time-consuming as when you search for that keyword on the web. It’s impossible to find it as there are a lot of companies who offer PPVC bags as they never use it as another term for Jumbo bags.

Instead, they keep using the word Jumbo rather than using a new word like PPVC bags when it comes to selling it inside your company’s website.

If you can’t find one. I recommend that you go to the GreenPack website as they offer different types of bags.

Their company provides package solutions and supplies PPVC bags (aka. Jumbo bags, FIBC bags, and bulk bags), both in Malaysia and Singapore. For their packaging solution, they have PP woven bag, POF Shrink Film, Plastic packaging film & bag, and nylon vacuum bag. It also includes the PPVC bags you want to purchase for your construction company.

If you want to get it from another company. I suggest that you should go to Rockwell’s website as they offer it for sale. You can purchase from them as well if you want to buy one from their website.

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