What is an Excavator and their purpose?

Excavator is a machinery for excavation and is used to shift huge object in constructions.

It is compose of:

It requires an operator who sits within a small cab and to control the arm. The mechanical arm of the machine uses a hydraulic system that generate hydraulic forces.

The excavator also utilizes a chain wheel system for its navigation.

The machine is used for both large and small scale of constructions.

Several usage of excavator are:

There are multiple types of excavator and is one of the most common machinery in construction.

An excavator in usage.

Modern hydraulic excavator comes in a wide range of size. One of the largest weighs roughly 979,900 kg and has 4500 HP. The size of the machine to be use depends on the scale of the project. The types of excavator includes:

The machine can install a variety of attachments such as buckets, auger, breaker, grapple, auger, lamp and quick coupler to perform different tasks.

Bucket, is the most common attachment seen and they are for digging & scooping purposes. Auger, comes in multiple various specifications and size and are usually used to reach over objects or drilling depth holes.

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