What are Cotton Gloves

This can be used for practical jobs. In a lot of cases, these gloves are lacking for other more expensive materials.

They’re comfortable, cool, absorbent.

They won’t leave scratches or fingerprints, are naturally biodegradable, will not melt to your hand, and have a good abrasion resistance.

How does it made?

Textile mills process the raw cotton into a yarn or a fabric. It is made from either option, which are called knitted or cut-or-sewn, respectively.

Cut-and-Sewn Gloves

Cut-and-Sewn cotton work gloves use knitted fabric that is cut in a cutting room and then sewn together in a sewing machine.

It is easier to produce than knitted gloves because it does not require highly technical machines.

The three disadvantages to Cut-and-Sewn cotton work gloves:

  1. Generates a lot of wasted fabrics
  2. It is labor intensive
  3. The stitching results in bulky seams

Where to buy Cotton Work Gloves:

You can buy cotton work gloves anywhere. A local hardware store, gas station or even an online store from the website will carry similar style.

Not to mention that the webbing between your pinky and ring finger is lower than the webbing between your other fingers?

We did.

So we create a sewing process called True Hand Technology. This process will allows us to better conform our gloves to the shape of your hands for a better fit.

How to wash Cotton Gloves

Warning: Your gloves will most likely shrink on high heat settings.

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