Introducing GSM for cotton gloves

GSM or Gram Per Square Meter is a way to identify the heaviness and richness of the product. The higher GSM the more heaviness, thickness, and richness of the product.

Types of GSM for cotton gloves

300 – 400 Softer and thinner but it takes shortest time to dry.


  1.  If you are afraid of getting your hand dirty from doing picking job, you might consider using gloves which is below or under this GSM.
  2. To prevent yourself from getting a scratch by the carton.

400 – 600 heavier and thicker but it takes a little bit longer time to dry.


  1. Gloves itself has a sufficient layer to protect you from getting hurt if you are handling with rough surface object like sands or wood log as times goes on your hand might have a peel full skin which in turn would look more unpleasant and painful.
  2. Like if you are responsible to help to remove those plate in the coffee shop, we recommend you to use gloves under this GSM to protect your hand from getting dirty.

600 – 900 Immensely heavier and thicker but it takes a longer time to dry.


  1. Gloves could be used to cut durian as the skin itself contain sharpness object, to prevent your hand from being spike or feel the painfulness from holding the durian.
  2. It would be good to use gloves when you are handling glasses to prevent it from slipping and getting spike if there is unknown sharp object at the glasses as it has a thicker layer to protect.

Reminder for Eczema User

Please be mindful that Eczema user may need to purchase around 190GSM to prevent it to irritate and worsen your skin.


In Conclusion

In total there are 3 types of GSM which include Soft, Thick, and Immensely Thick, while choosing the right GSM will help you to gain more benefit.  Lastly, every company may produce different kind of quality due to imported from different country and state.

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