The advice of cotton gloves and the new generation of cotton gloves.

The using of cotton gloves is on the quality of the fabric. In the cotton glove industry, the most common materials are canvas and jersey.

Both of the materials could produce the glove with different weights, the weight of the cotton gloves depends on the needs of the industry the most common weight is from 8 to 12 ounce.

There are many types of glove that help the industry in the different application, for example, the following:

Most of the industry standard for making the gloves;

Cut resistance
Tear resistance
Abrasion resistance
Passing the standards the gloves then can be manufactured and sold out. To buy a glove, you need to choose which does the best for the work you are doing for. Looking at daily usage the glove you should choose will be cotton gloves it provides excellent quality and protection for everyday needs.

The history of work gloves.

In the old times, the gloves are meant to protect while working with thorny or spiny grass.

Why choose cotton glove for daily usage?

Cotton Glove has the cheapest price and more durability of wear and tear using the cotton glove you can protect your hands without dirtying them.

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